Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield rumored to return in future Spider-Man projects

After No Way Home, rumors about leading actors and actresses from TASM Duology coming back have fans questioning what Sony and Marvel are planning to do next.

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This article contains spoilers for ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home.’

Sony Pictures is currently courting Emma Stone for a Spider-Gwen project, according to credible Twitter user @MyTimetoShineH. 

On a Twitter post, user @EdwinSRP – another credible source who shared rumors surrounding “Spider-Man: No Way Home – revealed that Sony does indeed want Emma Stone for a Gwen Stacy-related medium. @MyTimetoShineh later confirmed it.

Rumors surrounding the return of actors and actresses from past Spider-Man films earned popularity after the commercial success of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” where plenty of characters from previous universes reappeared, bringing mayhem to multiple variations of the web-slinger.

Stone’s portrayal of Gwen Stacy in “The Amazing Spider-Man” and its sequel received acclaim for her chemistry with lead actor Andrew Garfield – one of three live-action Spider-Man actors. While she didn’t reprise her role in “No Way Home,” the community has been intrigued by the idea of her taking on the character in a different light – maybe as a crime-fighting web-slinger.

Spider-Gwen debuted in “Edge of Spider-Verse #2,” where a radioactive spider bites angsty teen drummer Gwen Stacy, who later decides to patrol the streets as Spider-Woman, written by Jason Latour and Robbi Rodriguez. The character gained so much popularity that she made her film debut in “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” in 2018 – four years after her first appearance.

Andrew Garfield came back to the big screen as his Spider-Man in “No Way Home,” displaying a compassionate yet emotionally distant Peter Parker after experiencing his love interest Gwen Stacy’s death. The scene when she falls through the clock tower with Garfield’s Spider-Man mere inches away from saving her became the most prominent part of Marc Webb’s film series.

Rumors about “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” are starting to gain traction, so much so that the #MakeTASM3 movement has earned around 500,000 tweets since Garfield’s reappearance.

Garfield’s stunt double William Spencer seemingly – and definitely accidentally – confirmed the existence of “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” in an Instagram post. Afterward, he quickly apologized to fans for leading them on, stating that “This is a MISUNDERSTANDING . I thought this fan was talking about the current movie and was abbreviating and I didn’t read carefully enough, I apologize for that.”

Spencer worked as Garfield’s stunt double for his three appearances as Spider-Man in his duology and the epic “No Way Home.”

Even though he quickly labeled the threequel’s confirmation as a misunderstanding, many fans have grown to love the idea of Garfield’s Spider-Man coming back in his own solo film, giving the actor closure for his films’ backlash.

A couple of years before Tom Holland’s debut as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Garfield’s TASM 3 was planned to come out – along with a Sinister Six project set in the same universe – but was put through staggering development. After Garfield no-showed for an event, where Sony chief Kaz Hirai was planning to announce TASM3, they ultimately let him off and scrapped the film, according to the historic 2014 Sony Hack.

“Spider-Man: No Way Home,” starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Willem Dafoe, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Alfred Molina, and Jacob Batallon, is currently playing in theaters and swinging past the $600 million mark for the box office on January 2, 2022.

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