Everything there is to know about ‘Spider-Man: Every Hour’

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“Spider-Man Every Hour” is a story of love, compassion and the ability to live life to the fullest.  

The crew summarized the plot of the movie as a race against time. The meaning behind this phrase is still unknown, as well as the plot. From what’s been shown about the film, Peter Parker is currently a veteran Web-Slinger, having crusaded the streets as Spider-Man for five challenging years.

The film, however, is unrelated to fighting malicious antagonists and saving the day; Every Hour centers solely on Parker and his relationship with Gwen Stacy. The two have been together for over a year in this universe.

The short will also have a surprise villain making his/her live-action debut.

While speculation grows intensely, there are hundreds of villains that could appear in Every Hour. From Scorpion to Black Cat, it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint exactly who the antagonist is, especially when the film takes place in the 60s,’ where most of his rogues’ gallery were already introduced.

Every Hour’s distinctive trait from all other Spider-Man projects is that the story will take place in 1967, the golden age of web-swinging.

Why the 60s? Spider-Man’s first appearance was in Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962). The vintage aesthetic is also exceptionally appealing to many audience members, who loved the comics that came out in said time period.

Forms of media that the team took inspiration from are “Spider-Man: Blue,” “Spider-Man: Life Story” and the show “Chuck,” balancing humor, action and romance. Every Hour is around 10-20 minutes long, as announced in a recent Q&A on Instagram.

In the same Q&A, Zacorey Scenics, the director of “Spider-Man: Every Hour,” announced that the subs and dubs for the film include a wide variety of languages.

While the film is rated PG-13, it will not shy away from mature themes. The 10-20 minute narrative will focus on time, love and compassion. All of these can be philosophically intertwined and twisted into one thesis: ontological turmoil.

Parker juggling both his lives as Spider-Man and the mild-mannered photographer/scientist is a tale as old as the comics themselves.  While many are hoping the trope will appear in the film, others desire something more unique.  A love story is precisely that.

The production team posted a fundraiser on Indiegogo for the project a while back, accumulating a total of $1,060 from 48 backers. 

“Hey, my name is Jeremy Cascamisi, I am a film student living in NYC trying to bring a character that means the world to me, to life,” the Indiegogo summary reads.  

In a picture on Cascamisi’s Instagram page, you can see the unification of both the Every Hour crew and the “Spider-Man: Lotus” crew as they celebrate yet another milestone in filmmaking.

Spider-Man: Lotus is a colossal project that will take Spider-Man and put him into a Smallville-Esque full-length film. The director, Gavin J. Konop, expressed gratitude to the fans when he received praise for what he has done with the character.

In an Instagram post published on Jun. 21, 2021, Konop conveyed his euphoria as the film’s teaser reached up to 115k views in less than 24 hours.

“Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the teaser, shared it, and talked about it since its release — it really meant a lot to me to see so many people impacted,” Konop wrote. 

“The sky is the limit, and because of you, this film can be maximized to its fullest potential.  I’m bringing my definitive Spider-Man to life, and I’m excited to share it with you all!” Konop said as his six-week funding campaign made $25,899.

The picture of both crews teaming up is heavily symbolic of all fans assembling in hopes of seeing their favorite characters come to life in new, never-before-seen stories.

“I was brought aboard on a Spider-Man project a year and a half ago, it was just me in NYC back then. With time, the script has been changed and Covid- 19 put the project on hold but, with this time, I have made the connections to see the vision through,” Cascamisi wrote in the Indiegogo summary. “Spider-Man means the world to me and it is with great honor I wish to bring this character to life.”

“Every Hour” is currently in production, and will stay in production for who knows how long, but that hasn’t stopped fans from hyping up the Web-Slinger’s romantic fan-film. The Instagram account advertising the short reached over 2,000 followers, far more than other fan-film projects.

On another note, the artist Matthew McCoy has helped produce hype for the film by drawing some beautiful pieces, truly encapsulating what Every Hour is all about.

Courtesy of Matthew McCoy

“The funds given will go towards shooting locations and renting out film equipment for the project. As well as provide us with the ability to accomplish the look and atmosphere for the film as well as sell the 1967 time period we want to bring to the table,” Cascamisi said as he closed the Indiegogo summary.

“Spider-Man: Every Hour,” starring Jeremy Cascamisi and Nonie Banonie, will release on Youtube on an unspecified date.

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