‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer takes the MCU to new multiversal heights | First Impressions

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The ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ trailer was released to all audiences worldwide, taking the MCU to new multiversal heights.

Earlier this week, something utterly insane happened.  Something that no one even considered to be a possibility.  The “Spider-Man: No Way Home” trailer was released worldwide, and it looks better than great, it looks phenomenal.  

The trailer was reportedly leaked two days before its release. Sony tried to cover up in hopes of keeping the trailer in secrecy before its official debut on the internet.

Sony film boss Tom Rothman acknowledged the leak while introducing the trailer, saying, “It deserves to be seen in the high-quality finished form in which it was made.” The Sony Twitter account also acknowledged the leak, tweeting, “shout-out to the real ones who are watching the trailer for the first time right now.”

The trailer reached the highest view count the MCU has ever seen, with a whopping 355.5 million trailer views in 24 hours.  The previous film, “Spider: Far From Home,” reached less than half of those views on its very first day. 

The Web Slinger’s newest adventure starts right after “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” specifically its post-credit scene. With his identity publicly known to the world, Peter now faces the tribulations of being in the limelight.  For starters, Mysterio, the antagonist of the second film, was “murdered” by Spider-Man.  Parker must now find a way to prove his innocence, and many fans are speculating that the Devil from Hell’s Kitchen could shine some light on the situation. 

Possible Spider-Man: No Way Home Casting Adds Fuel To Those Daredevil  Rumors - CINEMABLEND

One minute into the trailer, we finally get to the juicy stuff. Parker confronts Dr. Strange about the issue and if there’s a way so that no one remembers he was Spider-Man.  Of course, Dr. Strange, being the reckless sorcerer that he is, accepts the challenge. He begins the spell but is soon interrupted by Peter as he faces the dilemma of Ned, MJ and Aunt May all forgetting that Peter was ever Spider-Man. 

Strange loses control of the spell and almost blows up the sanatorium.  The spell kind of opened up the multiverse, which means that THE RAIMI TRILOGY IS BACK BABY!

As several frames wiz past the viewer, you could spot many different villains from past Spider-Man films, like Electro and Sandman. We also see Peter get frightened by some horrific creature in the dark.  Many assume that this is the Lizard from “The Amazing Spider-Man,” but it is still not confirmed if it is the reptilian antagonist.  Finally, we get a head-to-toe reveal of Doctor Octopus, being played by Alfred Molina.  The insane reveal blew up on social media.

As the trailer faded to a black screen, many began to wonder if any other Spider-Men were going to be present in the film.  As we can see, villains from both the Raimi trilogy and the Webb duology are in the film, so it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch to believe that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are gonna be in the movie.  

Many fans have been speculating that at the end of the trailer, when Doc Ock says the now-famous line “Hello, Peter,” he is, in fact, talking to Maguire’s Spider-Man rather than Tom Holland’s.  While the next frame is Holland suiting up in his Iron Spider suit, this could be a clever misdirection done by editing the trailer.  We’ve seen it countless times before, like when Thor’s physique was hidden through each trailer advertising Endgame.  

People were, and still are, shaking in anticipation as they wait for December 17, 2021, the movie’s release date.

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