Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 | New Trailer and Info Released on the Dark Knight’s Newest Retelling

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Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 finally has a release date, along with a new trailer presenting the film in magnificent fashion.

The highly awaited animation — Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 — finally has a release date and a trailer, giving us much more insight into the Caped Crusader’s newest retelling.  

The film will be a cinematic rendition of the hit graphic novel from the 90s’. On account of taking such a colossal novel to the big screen, it will be split into two parts, with the first delving more into the introduction of the overall plot and building tension to who the secret Holiday Killer is presumed to be, while the second brings us to the thrilling conclusion of the Long Halloween.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One Gets First Gritty Trailer


On April 9th, The trailer for the first part of the series was posted, emitting the oddly similar artwork from both Superman: Man of Tomorrow and The Justice Society of America: World War II, further confirming the theory of a new DC Animated Universe.  Its grim yet noir tone is incredibly reminiscent of the Tim Burton Batman movies, just not as goofy.  The trailer is shown below.

The blu-ray cover for The Long Halloween still reflects that Tim Sale look from the source material, but in a way that keeps the DC Animated style prevalent.  It has both Batman and Catwoman on the sidelines, with Joker on the forefront. Several different dates correlating with holidays are falling through the art as well, tying into the story’s overall plot.

BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN PART ONE Arrives On Blu-ray June 22nd! at Why So Blu?
Blu-ray cover for Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 (2021)

IGN’s synopsis for Batman: The Long Halloween:

“Inspired by the iconic mid-1990s DC story from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One begins as a brutal murder on Halloween prompts Gotham’s young vigilante, the Batman, to form a pact with the city’s only two uncorrupt lawmen (Police Captain James Gordan and District Attorney Harvey Dent) in order to take down The Roman, head of the notorious and powerful Falcone Crime Family. But when more deaths occur on Thanksgiving and Christmas, it becomes clear that, instead of ordinary gang violence, they’re also dealing with a serial killer – the identity of whom, with each conflicting clue, grows harder to discern. Few cases have ever tested the wits of the World’s Greatest Detective like the mystery behind the Holiday Killer.”

While Troy Baker comes back to reprise his role as the Joker, who he has voiced several times before, Jenson Ackles will play Gotham’s Dark Knight in a new refreshing way. 

First look at Supernatural star Jensen Ackles' Batman movie


Jenson Ackles has been a concurrent member of DC’s voice acting lineup, but not with the Dark Knight.  He took on the role of Red Hood / Jason Todd in the film “Batman Under the Red Hood” — one of DC’s best animated features — but other than that, he has never been able to portray the Caped Crusader. 

Troy Baker, on the other hand, has played both the Joker and Batman.  He was the Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins, as a young yet insane variation of the Clown Prince, and as Batman in “Batman: The Telltale Series.”  He is prominently known for playing Joel in the Last of Us video game series, developed by Naughty Dog.  He is now working on numerous projects, one of which is The Long Halloween.

Along with this star-studded duo, the rest of the cast goes as follows: The late Naya Rivera as Catwoman/Selina Kyle, Josh Duhamel as Harvey Dent, Billy Burke as James Gordon and Titus Welliver as Carmine Falcone.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1 will be DC’s greatest retelling of a grander narrative, following the events of the Holiday Killer and their fateful demise.  It will come out on June 22, 2021, but if you can’t wait that long, check out the newest DC film: Justice Society of America: World War II.

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These images were used from Batman: The Long Halloween, Part 1

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