Outlaws: The Series | A Fan-Made Cinematic Dedicated to Bettering Lives

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 No matter the media they are basing their projects on, fan-made films have always been about passion.   Die-hard fans who want to see their stories come to life create shorts like Batman: Dying is Easy or Spider-Man: Lotus to bring out their vision of who the characters truly are. They sometimes give it their all when crafting these works, and that is prevalent in the making of Outlaws: The Series

Outlaws: the Series is a fan-made sizzle short directed by Ian S. Talbot, a 3-time gold medalist of the British Arts Awards.  According to Outlaw’s IndieGoGo page, it states that their work will be “A professionally made sizzle short with the ultimate aim of supporting a better life for children.”  The series unites Red Hood, Arsenal, and Starfire as they investigate strange situations that test their team’s trust in one another and their ability to do what’s right.  The show first started ramping up in popularity when Gavin J. Konop — the director of Spider-Man: Lotus — advertised the film on one of his social media platforms. His large fanbase of around 20,000 people helped launch the series’ popularity drastically, almost doubling the number of viewers and donations for the team’s production.  While many people are unaware of the film’s existence, it is nearing production wrap and will soon be uploaded to Youtube and other digital platforms.

The Cast & Crew

Brock Markham will portray the adopted son of Batman, Jason Todd / Red Hood, in the series.  Red Hood, one of the three protagonists in the series, is the famed leader of the Outlaws and the second adoptive son of the Caped Crusader.  Brock Markham is a professional bodybuilder and a full-time actor & stuntman.  He’s played several stunt-related parts, such as his role in West Side Story — a 5-Star Theatricals’ professional production — and in Disneyland’s Nighttime Spectacular Fantasmic!  

Robert Tovani will play Roy Harper / Arsenal — an elite marksman and trusted ally of Jason Todd.  He has been a staple of the team’s production ever since he started writing the film’s script starting last year. Robert has been a part of the film community ever since 2005, where he wrote, directed, and starred in Robin: Punchline.  Ever since the film’s launch, he has portrayed both Robin and Star-Lord in many other fan-made shorts, such as Patient J (2005) and Batman Legends (2006), both of which were Bat in the Sun-produced cinematics.  He is now working alongside the director, Ian S. Talbot, and plenty of other crewmembers to make a sizzle short to remember.  

Michelle Charlene Lee, a SAG nominated actress, will play Koriand’r / Starfire in the short. “Michelle has appeared in many films and television series such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Marvel’s Venom, Mortal Kombat Legacy, and video games like Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) and Capcom’s Resident Evil 6, to name just a few.” (Indiegogo.com, Outlaws: The Series) In several of the comic runs, Starfire isn’t a concurrent member of the Outlaws, so it will be interesting to see the character in such a cinematic. 

Ian S. Talbot will be directing the series as well.   He has been awarded 3 gold medals at the British Arts Awards in its 57th year, as well as being the first American to ever participate in the event.  He is well-educated in the art of filmmaking, working in both England and the USA while obtaining a degree from LAMDA along the way.  His vision for the short is one of a professional caliber and, without a doubt, will be a treat to watch.

The crewmembers play such a vital role in the film’s progress, including the cinematographer and the producers.  The producers who put their heart, money, and soul into the project or the cinematographer, Evan Zizzimopulous, who articulately made sure that the short could appear as beautiful as ever strived to make a film the audience would want to see.  Evan is an Emmy-Award Winning Cinematographer who started filmmaking at a young age by creating the guerrilla feature film Trap House which gave him enough recognition to make a bundle of new projects, like music videos and even television shows.  

The Producer of the film, Evan Salce, has an eye for talent. In a quick summary of him on the IndieGoGo page, it reads, “He has since gone on to produce a string of successful narrative & documentary projects, most recently including two award-winning documentary shorts, Scout’s Oath, and Charon…” (indiegogo.com) Evan is an expert of the film industry, working for plenty of prestigious companies such as Inside Gaming, ETC, Machinima Prime, and Machinima LIVE; each one giving him more and more experience in the field.  He has produced several films and is currently working as an audio engineer in Sherman Oaks.

The team has accumulated a total of $14,260 from around 140 fans.  They are hoping to be gifted at least $15,000 by the 27th of March, 2021.  If you want to donate to the film, make sure to check out their IndieGoGo page in the link below.

Outlaws: The Series seems like a fun project to check out if you have the time, and with a stacked crew such as this one, I believe it will suit many people’s expectations.  However, a flaw that the team might occur would have to be the dependency on people donating to their IndieGoGo page. The budget will either degrade or rise in the quality of the film.  Outlaws: The Series does not have a specified release date, but we can predict that it will release sometime in late 2021 or early 2022.

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