Superman & Lois Episode 2 | Smallville has got a lot to be Excited About in the Near Future

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Jordan Kent — the son of Kal-el from Krypton, or Superman as many others know him as — has started manifesting abilities that far exceed that of any “normal” person and must learn of his earliest ancestry in the Kryptonian blood-line.  While he is learning of these abilities, Jonathan must deal with the day-to-day life of high-school drama in Smallville.  Episode 2 of Superman & Lois has aired on March 2nd of 2021, with a runtime of around 40 minutes.  The show is not stopping with the flow from the premiere, but it comes with some drawbacks.  The Lois portion of the show has been given a bit of the spotlight, much more than it was in the last episode, but it can be very annoying to watch at times.  Captain Luthor — the main antagonist — seems very fleshed out as a character and driven in his goal to rid the world of Superman.  There is an aesthetic from this series that makes it so pleasing to watch; it could be the cinematography, or maybe the actors.  What I do know is that it is working wonders.  My biggest complaint with the show is with Lois, and it is a big complaint.  The actress portraying her, Bitsie Tulloch, is pretty decent; but the storyline she is following seems almost forced into the series.

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Lois’s plot is about her trying to uncover this greedy millionaire that took control over the Daily Planet and is now benefiting off of the middle classes’ ignorance.  The next big step in his goal to profit off of manipulation is this small little town in Kansas, called Smallville.  It sounds terrific on paper, but there are times when it feels almost pushed into the series without any good reasoning for it; it becomes very tedious to watch.  At the end of the episode, she decides to quit the Daily Planet after Morgan Edge, the billionaire, rewrites her latest coverage on his misdemeanors.  She meets up with one of her super-fans that she met in a city council meeting in Smallville, who hopes for Lois to join her one-man publication of the Smallville Gazette to write articles about her distaste for Morgan.  It might improve later on as the ending of the episode gave us a nice and inspiring scene, but for now, it is not as satisfying as we wanted it to be.  I am still pumped to see more of Lois, but it needs to be a main part of the series rather than just some side plot.

However, there is one scene in this episode with Lois that was beautifully well done.  In the council meeting scene where Lois tries to reveal the harsh crimes that Morgan Edge has committed, the camera zooms in on her like a hero when they give a speech about righteousness, but it slowly zooms out when Sage counterclaims her argument.   It showcases how Lois feels powerless when fighting against someone with such stature in a community that she hopes to purify from Morgan’s imperialistic behavior.  In a series such as this one,  this scene was done incredibly and it gives me so much hope for what’s to come in the future.

Tyler Hoechelin is starting to reveal his true colors in his portrayal as Superman.  He is incredible at delivering the geeky father of Clark Kent and the stoic yet inspiring mindset of Superman.  He is starting to become a spot-on take of Clark Kent.  The storyline of Clar Kent through this episode is of him trying to deal with the hardships of not being able to give his sons all they want while also trying to protect the world from his most infamous villain yet: Captain Luthor.

Captain Luthor is an amazing variation on the villain of Lex Luthor.  The emotional impact that the villain puts on the audience makes you feel sorry for him, not just as a character, but as a person.  In Luthor’s perspective, he is trying to “save” the world from Superman, as his original reality was destroyed at the hands of an alternate version of the character that ravaged the world. He hopes to make sure that what happened in his world will never happen again. To succeed with his plan,  Luthor has been raiding several distinct locations that contain supplies of kryptonite — Superman’s only weakness…besides magic.  The actor for Luthor delivers a great performance as the misunderstood villain who views himself as the hero of the story.  Although the design of the suit for the character seems generic at best, it’s starting to grow on me as a futuristic mech suit, but I do wish we could’ve seen something far more unique.

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Jordan and Jonathan both play key parts in contrasting the high school drama to the Fortress of Solitude scenes that are very reminiscent of the early Christopher Reeve movies.  After realizing that he has acquired abilities similar to his father’s,  Clark and Jordan go to the Fortress of Solitude to see how much Kryptonian heritage Jordan has.  We meet Jor-El — a suburban grandpa — who states that Jordan is and never will be like his father.  He only has around 10% of actual Kryptonian DNA with the strength that is nowhere near that of his father’s.  In a flurry of emotions, he yells at his father like the edgy teen that he is, but something different happens from what we’ve seen before.  Jonathan Kent replies hastily to Jordan’s tantrum as he states that he’s got the short end of the stick, not Jordan.  Losing his opportunity as the star of one of the most competitive schools in the nation for his brother to enjoy isolation, while also getting picked on and bullied for his brother’s own mistakes.  He was the one who deserved to be furious, but he wasn’t.  This represents the opposing personalities of both brothers.  One is much more calm and humble for what he has rather than what he doesn’t have while the other is angsty and pessimistic in all that he has been given.  The two brothers end up making amends at the end of the episode.

Superman & Lois has been renewed for a second season, not even a day before the second episode aired.  This was announced by the CW on Tuesday as their show gained massive feedback for being one of the most viewed series since the Crisis on Infinite Earths event from last year.

 The chemistry between the two characters of Clark and Lois is something else; the writing that delivers a satisfying approach to the characters is also phenonemal.  Superman & Lois, starring Tyler Hoechelin and Bitsie Tulloch, airs weekly on the television platform: CW.

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These images were used from Superman & Lois (2021) airing weekly on CW

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