WandaVision Episode 5: the Turning Point of the Series and its Unexpected Cameo

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The Cameo That Shattered All Rules of the MCU

WandaVison (2021) has aired up to five episodes in the course of a month and a half, producing and spreading hype across the nation. The fifth episode came out earlier this morning, Shocking the audience in its large twist factor at the end of the chapter. Wanda has grown to be shown as a misinterpreted hero while also committing very malicious acts for her own personal gain. An example of this would be her massive dealings with grief and denial. Vision has been “resurrected” and is now becoming self-aware of Wanda’s treacherous crimes of kidnapping several individuals to “act” in her large sit-com pocket universe. To say the least, Wanda isn’t in the right here. The episode shoves plenty of unanswered questions right in your face: Is Wanda truly the villain or is something much larger at play? Is this series going to play into a much larger story arc that will shake the cinematic universe? We simply do not know the specifics but we can estimate what’s going to happen, by analyzing what has already happened.


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Chapter 5 is titled, “On a Very Special Episode…”, and begins with the WandaVision sitcom evolving into an 80’s aesthetic. We see the two children that Wanda has birthed in the following episode growing drastically, all the way up to the age of ten years old. S.W.O.R.D is still trying to understand precisely what is happening with the pocket universe accompanied with the help of Darcy, Agent Woo, and Monica Rambeau. Each one carries a specific trait with them: Monica Rambeau carries heavy experience in the universe as she went covert inside of the pocket; Darcy has the skillset to be able to examine the universe, as shown in the 1st episode’s ending with her staring at a retro television set airing the WandaVision sitcom; and Woo has his comedic effect and strong wit. Each of them plays a key role in the viewer’s view of the outside world. Vision, on account of this, has a quick revelation of where he actually is, creating suspicion on what he and Wanda are actually doing. During these scenes, we gain a little curiosity towards Agnes (Wanda’s next-door neighbor and close friend) who seems to have much more of a major role than many would believe. The episode’s main theme would have to be the moral stability of life and death and the toll it will exhaust onto such an individual. Wanda has the ability to mess with life and death—from what we’ve seen—and still, she has to deal with that moral problem: should we, if given the chance, bring someone back from the dead? Does it make it morally just? And finally, how far is too far?

Monica finally wakes up after being brutally thrown out the window (The Pocket Universe) and gives as much information as she can on what exactly is going on inside of Westview. Then she, along with Woo and Darcy Lewis, try to form a plan to safely apprehend Wanda. We learn from a brief meeting at the S.W.O.R.D headquarters that Wanda, 9 days before these events, broke into the facility where Vision’s dead body was being stored and stole it. This somewhat confirms the theory that Vision is still dead and is being puppeteered by Wanda, or is he? You see, Vision doesn’t act as if he’s being controlled by Wanda, maybe she did in fact resurrect Vision and “brought him back from the dead”; we simply do not know. Earlier in the episode, the two boys found themselves a dog that leaves Wanda bewildered as to where they found such an animal. Agnes encourages such an act from the boys and persuades Wanda to let them keep the pet as their own. Later in the course of the episode, the dog runs away after the family was confronted by a S.W.O.R.D drone originating from the ’90s. Maximoff then confronts the agency outside of the Hex to warn them to stay out of her way, or they will face certain consequences. The episode goes on similar to the other episodes. Wanda and the boys search across the vast suburban town for the dog when Agnes, out of nowhere, is holding the dead dog in her arms right behind her garden. Supposedly, the dog ate a bountiful amount of azalea leaves and quickly dropped dead before she could intervene. The boys continued to ask their mom if she could resurrect the dog when Wanda tells them that it isn’t the right thing to do and they must live with the pain of grief, very hypocritical of her. At the end of the episode, Vision argues with Wanda about what she’s doing and what exactly is outside of Westview. The argument gets very heated when suddenly the doorbell rings, Wanda opens the door to one of the biggest twists in the episode if not the series: Her dead brother…kinda. Pietro is shown at the front door but it’s a different face than the one we saw in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), it’s Evan Peter’s take on the character from the X-Mex Fox-verse. The episode ends with Wanda in shock at seeing her dead brother which seems strange since he looks nothing like the original Quicksilver. This begs the question: What exactly does this mean for the MCU? 

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There are two different solutions that the audience has come up with. First, many people believe that this is the X-Men Quicksilver but was taken from his home-world as he is the closest thing to her dead brother; It makes the most sense and it will also unveil the idea of a live-action multiverse surrounding the MCU—pretty cool to be honest. Second, some sources believe that this is simply an Easter egg thrown in to taunt the audience; sounds crazy, but it does sound like something Marvel Studios would do. 

WandaVision is a massive hit. To be able to get the audience intrigued into such a complex and bizarre plot is incredible for cinema as a whole. The audience is shaking in their seats for the next episode and it is exhilarating. WandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany airs new episodes weekly on the amazing streaming service: Disney+.


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These images were used from WandaVision (2021) created by Marvel Studios

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