Ahsoka Tano’s First Appearance in Live-Action and what it Means for the Star Wars Universe Beyond: Mandalorian Chapter 13 Review

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(Spoilers for Mandalorian Season 2 episodes 2-5)

The Mandalorian Chapter 13 was a daring episode in an almost perfect series. The Mandalorian is one of the most prominent television shows in streaming history, being the number one most viewed form of media on Disney+. A gritty western take on the Star Wars Universe, The Mandalorian takes us throughout a Mando’s journey post Return of the Jedi, meeting new accomplices and taking care of a baby Yoda-like creature. The series has already been a blast with its incredibly choreographed action scenes and intricate detail throughout the show, but it has become far more important to the Star Wars universe than many could expect. Season 2 gives us a continuation of The Mandalorian, also known as Din Djarin’s expedition to find a Jedi to train Baby Yoda, with many Jedi left in ruins from the Empire’s reign, it will be a very difficult task. 

The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) and Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackoff) in Lucasfilm’s THE MANDALORIAN, season two, exclusively on Disney+. © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 11 gave us more insight into the idea that the Mandalorian could be the bridge for many animated characters from shows such as Rebels and Clone Wars to be transferred to live-action. The first character to be converted was Bo Katan, the rightful queen of the planet Mandalore who is on a crusade to take back her nation. After a rigorous battle to take control of an imperial cargo ship, Bo Katan gives Din information to where he should journey next to find a Jedi, she sent him to Corvus to encounter Ahsoka Tano. Now if you don’t know who Ahsoka Tano is, which if you don’t you are missing out on a lot, let me give you some backstory to the character. Ahsoka Tano is Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice and a prolific protagonist from The Clone Wars. She was first introduced as a headstrong yet very powerful Jedi, almost mirroring that of her master, to a mature leader and prime force user. She was first introduced by Dave Filoni in the Clone Wars, with her known as his magnum opus as she is one of his greatest creations in Star Wars and animation history. 

Rosario Dawson took on the role in Chapter 13 while having some trouble making many viewers believe she is actually Ahsoka Tano, which is a very hard task to pull off. To be able to completely embody an animated character in live-action has been tried many times over the years and I cannot remember when it was done right, Rosario Dawson however, was very close. She was able to give us the charm of the character with her little smirk and body posture, but her voice really throws you off. I don’t see how she was able to do Ashley Eckstein’s voice from Rebels and Clone Wars as it is a very distinct one, but it was mostly one of the complaints I have about her take on the character, which is a very small one as she did a very accurate representation. 

Ahsoka Tano on the Clone Wars: Season 7

The episode starts with a horrific battle sequence of Ahsoka stealthily taking out several guards near a small town on the planet of Corvus. This scene takes a heavy resemblance to that of the Force Unleashed games, with many of the trailers to the games using the same effect. She confronts the town’s leader known only as the Magistrate declaring that if she does not give up her dictator-like control of the town, there will be consequences. The title then rolls with the name of the episode being revealed as Chapter 13: The Jedi. The Mando lands on the planet the next morning accompanied by Baby Yoda. He tries to engage in conversation with the civilians of the town to gain information on where he could find Ahsoka. The Magistrate encounters the Mando with a bounty on Ahsoka with the reward of a spear made out of Beskar, the metal of the Mandalorian. 

The Magistrate was played by the wonderful Diana Lee Inosanto, daughter of Dan Inosanto who was the training partner of Bruce Lee. Mando heads to Ahsoka Tano’s known whereabouts where he requests her to train Baby Yoda, who we then learn to be known as Grogu. Grogu was trained at the Jedi Temple of Coruscant but was later hidden after Order 66. Ahsoka tries to evaluate Grogu but learns that he has already gained a large attachment to the Mandalorian and should not be trained as a Jedi should not have attachments so they can be able to do what is right without the disadvantage of their bias. Ahsoka agrees that if the Mando helps her crusade to take back the village that she will properly train Grogu. The Mando and Ahsoka take back the village after an intense battle sequence and dual between the Magistrate and Ahsoka, at the end of the fight Ahsoka interrogates the Magistrate to determine where Admiral Thrawn is located who is one of the most notorious admirals in Star Wars lore. At the end of the episode, Ahsoka turns down the opportunity to train Grogu, she declares to Mando that he could find a Jedi to train Grogu by heading to a Jedi Temple at the edge of the galaxy that will determine Grogu’s path to becoming a padawan.

Chapter 13 was a perfect debut to Ahsoka Tano’s live-action appearance while also giving a very short and intricate episode with merely no consequences. I highly believe that we will see something huge happen at the finale of this series with all of these characters coming together in a cinematically satisfying battle. I give Chapter 13: The Jedi an 8/10.


These images were used from the Disney plus original series, The Mandalorian (2019-2020) and Clone Wars, I do not own the rights to any of these images

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