Spider-Man 3 Multi-Verse Theory!?!? A Closer Look at the Possibility of A Multiverse in the MCU

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The Spiderman 3 rumors have commenced! With plenty of fan theories and conspiracies on the upcoming threequel to the Tom Holland Franchise, we have plenty of very interesting theories on how the movie will work. One of the biggest theories however is that Spiderman 3 will introduce the multiverse in the most climactic way ever, with Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire coming back as their Spider-men. With Benedict Cumberbatch announced to be cast as Doctor Strange in the latest film we could totally see a Spider-Verse in the MCU. 

We know that Jamie Fox is going to play his role of Electro from Amazing Spider-man 2 in this movie so it’s a pretty big given that we will see some form of Andrew Garfield donning the mask again. Most people are conspiring that this will be a continuation of Wanda-Vision since we know that Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness is related to the Disney+ show. Another conspiracy hinting at a possible Spider-Verse movie is the concept that Wanda, in her Disney+ show, is going to create different Universes of where she and Vision are together, each one symbolizing a sitcom era. In the end, however, all the universes fail as Vision becomes more self-aware of what’s happening to him. Wanda is rumored to be the main villain of the Doctor Strange sequel.

Bringing Spider-man into this is actually a perfect way to attract attention to the massive success of the animated film Spider-man: Into The Spider verse. Now I truly don’t believe that Morbius will be the main villain like in the main source of the Spider-Verse phenomenon from the comics but instead will be replaced by Scarlett Witch or maybe the Sinister Six.

The Sinister Six have been hinted at in the series with the post-credit scene in Homecoming foreshadowing the team-up between Vulture and Scorpion. With Mysterio in Far From Home and Chameleon hiding in plain sight in the movie as well, that’s already 4 down. So the question is, who are the other 2? The actor for Ned in Spider-man: Homecoming and Far From Home, Jacob Batallon, posted earlier this week showing off his new slim physique, now this could hint at him becoming his comic book counterpart, The Hobgoblin, as well as becoming the 5th villain in the team up. T he 6th could very well be shown in the threequel.

Emma Stone is rumored to portray Spider-Gwen in the movie as well although it is not confirmed. The rumors have been very widespread and even risen up some fake news along the way from different news corporations. The only confirmed aspect of this movie is that Benedict Cumberbatch will appear in this movie. Everything else from it being a spider-verse movie to Tobey Maguire putting the mask back on has been very widespread yet still not confirmed to this day. 

Spider-Man 3 is still a mystery to this day on what it actually is about, but it’s very nice to theorize on what the upcoming movie is gonna be on. Spider-man 3 will be released next year on December 17th, 2021 unless delayed by unforeseen circumstances.


These images were used from Marvel Entertainment and Alex Ross

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