Miles Morales’ newest FASHION statement: A Look at the New Alternate Suits in Spider-man: Miles Morales

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The new hit installment in the PlayStation Spider-man franchise, Spider-man: Miles Morales is taking centerfold as the launch title for the PS5 coming out on November 12. The game is centered around Miles Morales as he adapts to being the second Spider-man in New York. The game will be very similar to Spider-man PS4 that came out in 2018 with a couple of exceptions. Miles Morales’ story will be a tad shorter than the first game as it was supposed to be a big DLC for the first game but was so big it became its own title. The game will include new combat abilities with Miles’ abilities like invisibility which will play a key role in the unique combat flow throughout the game. However probably one of the most unique things in this installment is the alternate suits. We’ve only been given a slight look at what this game’s suits will look like and they’ve already attracted a lot of gamers’ attention. From the sleek new look of the Tracksuit to the homemade Spider-cat suit with its trusty ally, there is no doubt that we will be seeing some incredible suits in this latest title.


The T.R.A.C.K suit is Miles Morales’ newest insomniac suit. Taking great inspiration from the Spider-man suit from the earliest game, it has the same look as the classic Miles’ spider costume with the exception of a white coating taking up half of the suit. You can also see a heavy resemblance with the Avengers: Endgame time-traveling suit from the sleek white and red design. This look is completely unique to the game and completely embodies Mile’s flair and personality with its sleek design. The T.R.A.C.K suit or the Time Response Activated Circuit Kinetic Suit will be released in the pre-order pack for the game coming on November 12.


The 2020 suit is defiantly one of the best suits we’ve seen in the franchise. In a cyberpunk aesthetic, The 2020 suit is a completely unique take on the character with its red glow flooding the suit and a helmet with glorious visual effects. The 2020 suit couldn’t have been given a better name for its futuristic post-apocalyptic look, which is practically what 2020 has become. Many of these suits we have seen have actually been showcased in several comic variant covers on the Miles Morales comic runs with this one being the most glorified.


The Crimson Cowl suit is one of the most latest announcements making it seem like Miles is ready to hit the gym in this athletic “two-piece”, This was announced on Twitter in a daily bugle inspired tweet showing off the new Spider-man’s fashion. The suit is very similar to the classic but with a red hood, no not that one, and a crimson look flowing throughout the costume. This suit takes heavy resemblance to that of some Ben Reilly suits with its going to the gym aesthetic.


Probably one of the most interesting concepts in the game, The Spider-Cat suit gives you a super feline sidekick, also named Spider-man, who helps you fight crime in all its cat glory. You unlock this suit in a side mission where Miles confronts a Bodega owner due to a robbery that took all of the owner’s goods, including his pet cat, Spider-man. After saving the cat and capturing the thugs who robbed the bodega store, you unlock the Spider-Cat suit, a very Harlem looking suit with its relaxed and New York look. The cat will help you in special take-downs and although we still don’t know what the suit’s ability is we can greatly estimate that it has something to do with the feline partner.


The first suit in the game, the homemade suit uses some everyday clothes and one of Peter’s older suits. Having some controversy on not having the “Miles” aesthetic, it still holds up for what it’s trying to achieve. While not being “Miles Morales’ suit” its still a great look at the character’s origins and how he looks up to his mentor, Peter Parker.


The cover look of the new PS5 game, The classic suit is more of an accurate representation of the second web-slinger’s look in most comic media. With its sleek texture, there’s not much to say about this suit except that it definitely does the character justice.

Spiderman: Miles Morales is coming out on November 12, 2020, as the launch title for the Playstation 5. With an incredible selection of suits and a game dedicated to one of the most unique legacy characters in Marvel Comics, this game will truly be one of the greats for the Web-Slinger himself.


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These images are in Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020) from Insomniac Studios

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