2020 Batman Day CELEBRATION: A Day for the Bat

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Batman day is a celebration of almost everything Batman.  The World’s Greatest Detective is a great inspiration for everyone with involvement everywhere from video-games to movies. Almost everyone knows who Batman is and can even identify the logo from a mile away, but how did it start? Batman’s first appearance was in Detective Comics #27 in 1939 where a chemist industrialist is murdered and the book takes you around the case as the Dark Knight uncovers the murderer of the Chemist. While it’s not one of the best books to come out, it was a decent book for its time an unleashed a dramatic increase of comic book popularity with the Caped Crusader. Batman Day was first used as a marketing ploy from DC to put discounts on everything Batman from comic books to even Legos during his 75th anniversary in 2014. The fans, however, saw it as something more than just a marketing strategy to sell some comics but a recollection of Batman himself, I mean he is 81 years old after all.

 Batman Day has changed to different dates over the years which is surprisingly odd for a holiday, Halloween is on October 31, Star Wars day is on May 4, and almost any other holiday is on the same day every year, so why the change? Well, Batman day doesn’t really need a date as DC can only really decide what time is the best time for their merchandise discount. In 2014 it was July 13th that it was celebrated as it was the 75th anniversary of Batman. In 2015, the holiday was on September 26 and stayed it September except for changing the dates consisting of them, In 2016 it was September 17, and 2017, was September 23. Then in 2018 it jumped down to September 15th and slowly went back up the days in 2019, the 80th anniversary of Batman’s first appearance, on the 21. This year Batman Day is on you guessed it, today, September 19. On the 19th we will get a boatload of fresh content that we can experience to the fullest. Most video games like Dc Legends and DC Universe online will give their players new in-game items for logging in on said day while Injustice 2 mobile will have back to back Batman arenas going throughout the servers. HBO max will have a “Batman takeover” in the DC brand hub and you can discounts on most Batman Comics from your local bookstores. This year however has something special if you go to https://www.dccomics.com/BatmanDay there will be plenty of interactive activities you can do to celebrate the Bat, from making your own cape to training with the man himself. 

Batman Day while being a very important date on the calendar to celebrate your favorite superhero isn’t the only day you get to recollect on some of your favorite comic book characters as Spider-man Day is on August 1 and Superman Day on June 22.  Batman is incredibly detailed with so much depth and personality that everyone would have an enjoyable time watching or reading his books or movies. Batman Day deserves to be a day to celebrate one of the favorites in comic book media.


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These images were used from DC comics to promote the Batman Day celebration.

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